Give/Donate Opportunities


Kid's Kamp Scholarships

Make a lasting impact in a young person's life by providing a scholarship to camp this summer.

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Donate to the camping ministry online

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Adopt a Camp

We're introducing a opportunity for your congregation to become supporters of the camping ministry program and mentors to thousands of campers.

Adoption can include, but is not limited to the following suggestions.

  • Pray for the leaders and campers before and during the camp.
  • Send a Care package to the camp site as the camp begins with snacks and gifts for the campers and leaders. (These must be sent from the local church office, and not from individuals. The adoptive church will receive the exact number of campers attending the adopted camp one week prior to the beginning of camp.)
  • Send notes of encouragement to camp leaders and campers during the camp.**
  • Say thank you by sending notes to the camp leaders after the camp.
  • Financially support the camp by sending monetary gifts to help pay for camp supplies and the camp costs (food and lodging) of adults who volunteer to be camp leaders.

(Suggested amounts: $250 for camp supplies $150 for each camp leader, but any amount appreciated)

An official "Certificate of Adoption" will be sent to your church for each camp you choose to adopt.

**In accordance with camp policies, no names or personal information of campers will be shared with churches who adopt the camp.


Our staff watches our expenditures carefully to ensure we are being good stewards. With your help we can make our operational funds go further. Contact the Camp Director to acquire an items list.