Campsite Basics General Information

The camps are open to all groups without regard to race, color, creed or religious preference.
Typical user groups are youth groups, families, schools, church-wide retreats, and many other not-for-profit organizations from Oklahoma and neighboring states

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Call the campsite directly for reservation information.

Camp and Retreat Reservation Inquiry Form

Deposit: To reserve space a deposit is required, per night except for Hardt Lodge, Egan Lodge and Founder's Home. Call the Director/ Manager of the camp to get current pricing. A deposit is due within FOURTEEN (14) days after a contract is offered. A written receipt will be sent to acknowledge your deposit and signed contract. The number of persons on the contract may be changed until 60 days before the event. If fewer people participate in your group than what was stated on the contract at 60 days prior to the event, the difference of the deposit, per night and/or Hardt Lodge, Egan Lodge and Founder's Home deposit will be forfeited.There will be a cleaning/damage deposit added to the above calculation for all groups. At your check out time, a staff member will inspect your areas for cleanliness and damage. Any extra cleaning or damage charge will be deducted from this cleaning deposit. If additional monies are required to cover the cost you will be billed the additional amount. Any deposit remaining will be credited to your final bill as it is prepared.

First Meal: We request that you call in your final number of guests at least five (5) days prior to your arrival date. Each group shall pay for the number of persons the camp director/manager is advised to expect for the first meal. No exceptions. At your first meal you will have the opportunity to adjust your meal count for the remainder of your stay.

Cancellation and Deposits: Deposits will be returned when the cancellation notice is received 60 days prior to the scheduled date. An attempt to reschedule a camp within the 60 days prior to a camp constitutes a cancellation and the deposit is forfeited; circumstances will be considered.

Facility Assignment: Groups will be assigned facilities, which will accommodate their needs on a first-reserved, first-served basis. Needs will be determined by your program, and number and size of groups in camp at that time. See "Meeting and Eating" sections on each campsite web pages for information about facilities.


Camp and Retreat Reservation Inquiry Form

Scheduling for your group: The Oklahoma Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church, its districts, churches and affiliated organizations have priority in scheduling the use of Canyon Camp, Egan Camp and Cross Point Camp. After May 1, (of the current year) Oklahoma United Methodist groups may begin scheduling for the next year. After July 1, (of the current year) other groups may begin scheduling for the next year. To assist you in planning, scheduling and reservations, contact the campsite directly. The engagement and use of an Oklahoma UMC Camp and Conference Centers constitutes an agreement on the part of the user to honor the policies outlined.

If you like, you may send your contact information and booking request over the internet by filling out the form (linked above), and we will review your request. We'll consider the needs of your group and do our best to find available space to accommodate you. You will be contacted by e-mail or phone as soon as possible. Specific dates are ideal, but if your dates are not certain, we can communicate general availability for a general time period. We recommend you include a first and second choice. You may view descriptions, and photos of accommodations in the campsites sections

Multiple-Simultaneous use of camps: Each campground accommodates more than one group at the same time. The director/manager will determine when it is feasible to do so. All groups involved will be notified and encouraged to communicate with other groups using the campground:

  • To understand each other's daily schedule
  • To negotiate the scheduling of specific facilities.


Attendance Numbers: The group leader shall notify the site director/manager on the Monday which is at least 5 days prior to your arrival date, of the number of people who will attend so that proper preparation can be made for the comfort and convenience of those attending. All lodging and meal charges will be based on this number.

Registration: It shall be the responsibility of the group leader to see that all people are registered promptly after arrival for emergency information and so that agreement can be reached for group numbers, fees and payment before your group leader departs.

Leaving Grounds: Receive permission from the camp director/ manager before leaving the campground. No minor-aged camper will leave the camp without the permission and knowledge of the camp leader.

Damages: The camp leader is responsible for making a satisfactory settlement with the camp director/ manager when there is careless or deliberate marring or destruction of property. Charges for damages will be the amount required to repair or restore whatever is damaged inclusive of labor.

Responsibility: Be responsible people. Turn off lights when leaving cabins, keep doors closed, make sure faucets are turned off, throw trash in trash cans, improve the property, enjoy and conserve all - plant, animal and human life.

Smoking: The Oklahoma United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministries Board of Trustees advocates a policy of NO SMOKING around campers, near entries and exits to buildings, and strictly forbids smoking in the buildings.

Instructions: At the first general gathering held, the camp director/manager shall be given the opportunity to present instructions regarding fire hazards, use of grounds, and other camp procedures and policies that are important for the safety and enjoyment of our guests.

Hospitality: So that we may offer you the best hospitality possible Contact the "host on duty" with any questions, needs or emergencies you may experience.

Bedding and Toiletry Items: Each individual is to furnish their own bedding and toiletry items, however, bedding is provided at Hardt Lodge, (Canyon Camp), the Founders Home and Holliman Lodge, (Egan Camp). Emergency items may be available at the office.

Attire: Wear clothing appropriate for each camping experience: swimwear for swimming, swimwear cover-ups outside of pool area, boots for hiking and camping clothes on other occasions. Shoes worn outside sleeping quarters must be closed toe and closed heel.

Non-Permissables Alcohol/Drugs: Use of alcohol and other illicit drugs are prohibited. Offenders will be asked to leave. Firearms:No firearms are allowed at any time Fireworks:The danger of fire means NO fireworks of any kind are allowed. Camp Fires:Camp Fires are only allowed in an existing camp fire circle. Always check with camp staff before starting any fire. Pets:Health regulations do not allow guests to bring pets on camp property.

Cleaning: Clean facilities and grounds your group used before leaving for home. This consists of picking up and throwing away trash and sweeping. You will be billed for additional cleaning expenses.

Check-out: Groups should plan to vacate sleeping facilities by 9 a.m. on the last day unless previous arrangements have been made with the Director/ Manager.

Respect: Be good stewards of the buildings and grounds. Respect the rights and privacy of others. No loud music, sporting events or outdoor games between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Swimming: Enter the pool/lakefront for swimming only during scheduled swimming times and when a lifeguard is on duty. There is NO DIVING or JUMPING off of deck/dock. (Cross Point - Life jackets MUST be worn at all times when in the water outside of designated swimming areas.)

Climbing/Rappelling: is forbidden at Canyon and Egan and is only allowed at Cross Point with approved facilitators and arranged in advance on the Climbing/ Rappelling tower.

Challenge Course: Canyon and Cross Point challenge course use is only allowed with approved facilitators and must be arranged in advance.


Checkout Time: is two hours after the last camp meal. Groups should plan to vacate sleeping facilities by 9 a.m. on last day unless arrangements have been made with the director/manager.

Payment Terms: One payment covering all camp charges, shall be made on-site or mailed to the conference office no later than 30 days after you leave camp. For payments, made after the 30 days, add a late penalty fee of 1.5% of the total bill.

Credit Cards: VISA, MASTERCARD AND DISCOVER are accepted. They must include signature of cardholder and expiration date. Credit card payment forms are available at the campsite offices or from the Conference Camp Office. Checks payable to: Oklahoma United Methodist Camps. Mail to: 1501 N.W. 24th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73106-3635

Camp Fees

Costs are evaluated each December. To help estimate your retreat costs and for current pricing , contact the camp site director/manager of the camp site you plan to use.

Meals - all camps: We request that all meals be eaten in the dining hall. Food services help support the camp for your use. If you desire a cookout, contact the director/manager for the availability of facilities and costs. Camp policy and insurance regulations do not allow outside catering companies to provide meals on our campgrounds. There are no facilities available for groups to prepare their own meals. Shoes and shirts are required in the dining hall. No gum or bathing suits are allowed in the dining hall.


  • Breakfast -8 a.m. | Lunch -Noon
  • Sunday Lunch -Noon | Supper -5:30 p.m.
Snacks can be provided upon prior arrangement on a cost plus basis. Formal served meals are available.

Lodging: Lodging will vary according to the facility. Accommodations are private or semi-private rooms with heat, air conditioning and indoor plumbing. Bed linens/towels are provided for the Hardt Lodge (Canyon), Founder's Home and Holliman Lodge (Egan). Bed linens/towels are available at the Egan Lodge for an additional charge. In all other facilities, the user shall provide bed linens and towels. Babies less than one year old, will not be charged for lodging. Children 1-7 years of age will be charged half-price for lodging, with the exception of Hardt Lodge (Canyon). Groups sponsored by churches or agencies of the Oklahoma UM Conference receive a discount in lodging.


Insurance Procedures: Every camper is covered by primary insurance for emergency medical up to $3,500 per accident and $1,000 for sickness. While it does serve as primary coverage, the camper insurance policy coverage is limited. The policy is for immediate medical help. It will not cover any pre-existing conditions, nervous or mental disorders. It does not pay for broken glasses, dental plates, hearing aids, or other such items. Your personal insurance will be secondary to this coverage

Camper Insurance Procedure Sign In: Each person attending camp is automatically covered under the Oklahoma United Methodist Camps Insurance Policy.

Injury or Illness: Report injury to the camp leader and procure an insurance claim form from the camp Director/Manager. This must be done before leaving the campground for the claim to be paid. Fill in the insurance claim form completely and return it to the camp Director/Manager. This must be done before leaving the campground for the claim to be paid.

All itemized statements from the doctor and/or hospital should be mailed to: Oklahoma United Methodist Camps 1501 N.W. 24th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73106-3635 As soon as bills are received, they will be forwarded to our insurance carrier for processing. All accidents must be reported to the camp director/manager before leaving camp for the claim to be paid.

Canyon Camp and Conference Center

31600 Camp Road | Route 2 Box 29
Hinton OK 73047
(405)542-6967 | Fax: (405)542-3752

Egan Camp and Retreat Center

26633 Highway 62
Tahlequah, OK 74464
(918) 456-6489 | Fax: (918) 458-4727

Cross Point Camp

PO Box 1470
Kingston, OK 73439
(580)564-2505 | (580)606-7193 | Fax: (580)564-2339