The Academy for Spiritual Formation

is a two-year covenant learning environment which combines academic learning and experience in spiritual disciplines.

The Five Day Academy for Spiritual Formation™ is like the two-year Academy, but it consists of a single five-day session. The leadership team of Five Day Academies are chosen from alumni/ae of the two-year academies.

The faculty of the Five-Day Academies are chosen from among the many outstanding spiritual leaders in seminaries, churches, and denominations in the United States.

Next event, November 6-11, 2016

Rhythm of Life

Begins Sunday evening, Nov. 6 at 5:15 p.m. and ends with lunch on Friday, Nov. 11.

Sometimes our lives get so harried and frenzied they seem like an unholy mess. How do we make holy space and time for sanctuary and rest? How can we stay deeply grounded in God’s compassion and bear witness to the risen Christ in the living of our days?


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Suggested Reading


A Quiet Pentecost: Personal and Congregational Transformation. A quiet revolution has been occurring within Christian life as the ancient practices of prayer and spiritual formation have been reclaimed. In the midst of busy and often anxious lives, people have been discovering the deeper spiritual practices that bring rest, clarity and energy. These practices are transforming individuals and communities, breathing new life into congregations and neighborhoods, touching hearts and changing communities. Presented by Rev. Dwight H. Judy, Ph.D.

The Dance of Seasons: Rhythms of Life and Spirit This course is an invitation to plumb the connections between the seasons of creation, the liturgical seasons of the church, and the seasons of our lives. The intent is to discover in-between places to dance with the Holy and the world around us. Presented by Regina M. Laroche

Location: Canyon Camp 31600 Camp Road, Hinton, OK 73047 (405)542-6967

Canyon Camp is located in one of several red sandstone canyons in central Oklahoma, about 50 miles west of Oklahoma City. The lodge provides motel quality accommodations with three beds and private bath in each room. Linens provided. The cabins are more rustic with two beds and private or shared bath. NOTE for participants staying in the cabins: if you are flying–all linens will be provided, if you are driving you will need to provide your own linens.


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