Commission on Archive and History
Photo of First M.E. Church in Oklahoma City

Our Mission

The ministry of memory recognizes the importance of promoting distinctive Wesleyan and United Methodist traditions and recognizing and celebrating historically significant people, events, and sites in the Oklahoma Conference

To support the collection, preservation, and public presentation of records and other historically significant materials in the Oklahoma Conference archives.

To provide services to churches and church historians to help them record and preserve their records and history, including training workshops and other informational resources and services.

Who Is My Neighbor? Native American Methodism in Oklahoma

"Who Is My Neighbor?" is a 26-minute documentary produced in conjunction with the Acts of Repentance toward Healing Relationships with Indigenous Peoples conducted at General Conference in 2012 and at Oklahoma Annual Conference in 2016.

The documentary tells the history of the complex relationship between Native Americans and the Methodist Church, why the General Conference performed the 2012 Act of Repentance, and how United Methodists can work toward reconciliation with their Native American neighbors.

DVDs are available by contacting: Jan Polson; (405) 530-2064

Download the Study Guide (coming soon) to facilitate small-group study and discussion about the relationship between Native Americans and the Methodist Church and the 2012 Act of Repentance.

© Copyright Notice: "Who Is My Neighbor?: Native American Methodism in Oklahoma" was produced by the Oklahoma Conference Commission on Archives and History in cooperation with the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference. Public screenings may be held provided they are free to attend and sponsored by an entity of the United Methodist Church. The documentary may not be broadcast or posted online.


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